The Igloo Experience

Frost yourself in an illuminated igloo out back at The Ridge Hotel and enjoy wintry libations, apps, and sweets while cuddled up amidst the glow and snow.  Our four private igloos on the veranda seat up to six people and are paired with festive food and beverage packages, starting at $55.  (View menus, below.)  You may place additional orders with our Crafted Americana team, which services the igloos. No outside food or beverages will be permitted.

Please come prepared, dressed in your winter wear and with extra blankets to amp up the coziness.  Yes, we wrap our cushioned furniture in faux fur and provide a small heater for each igloo, but this is winter in Wisconsin, after all!  (Please note: Smoking in the igloos is prohibited by Wisconsin law.)  During the month of March our Igloos are available to in-house guests only.  We are accepting reservations for the 2020 winter season.

WHEN: Thursday – Sunday  |  11am – 9pm  |  2-hour time slots
WHERE: The Ridge Hotel Outdoor Veranda
PRICE: Packages starting $55


To reserve your Igloo Experience, call Crafted Americana at 262.249.3832.


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Hmm. What to do inside the igloos…

  • Eat, drink and be merry!
  • Make like a burrito and wrap up in blankies!
  • Engage in an old-school, face-to-face tête-à-tête.
  • Pop THE question.
  • Snag Instagrammable moments.
  • Eskimo kiss.
  • Reminisce about 2018 … and dream of what’s to come.
  • Play a game like Head’s Up, Mad Gab, Password – because tablespace is a premium.
  • Count your lucky stars you’re in Wisconsin.