The Ice Box out Back at The Ridge Hotel

We love Wisconsin winters — and you will, too — when you gather out back at The Ice Box.  Complete with an Ice Castles-crafted Ice Bar & throne plus our popular Igloo Experience, two new curling sheets, and magnificent views of Ice Castles from across Lake Como, The Ice Box will have you hoping the groundhog sees his shadow.

Belly up to this Ice Bar
Open Daily starting January 2020 | 3-9pm | weather permitting

As if an outdoor bar crafted entirely of ice isn’t enough to lure you out in your parka, our shots and wine served in glasses chizeled from ice ought to do the trick. Or gather a few friends and partake simulataneously of a shot-ski, four cool shooters attached to a legit snowski.  #wiscowintertraditions



Take the Throne
Open Daily starting January 2020 | weather permitting

Please be seated — on our ice throne — and capture the coolest of selfies whilst crowning thyself king or queen of winter.  Oh, and royals: This is a BYOS (Bring Your Own Scepter) experience.  (Each throne is a unique creation, so we’re not sure what it will look like … yet!)



Burn a Rock
Open Daily starting January 2020 | weather permitting

Yell, sweep and get your Olympian on as you take turns throwing stones during a bonspiel — that’s a curling tourney for you rookies.  Buy hey, here’s your chance to go from beginner to master broom wielder.



Rendez-vous in a Private Snowglobe
November 2019-February 2020

Frost yourself in an illuminated igloo out back at The Ridge Hotel and enjoy wintry libations & apps while cuddled up amidst the glow and snow. Reservations required.   >> Learn More



Get Toasty Fireside
Open Daily starting January 2020 | 4-6pm

The sure sign of a full winter’s day is a lingering campfire aroma once you’ve retreated indoors for night. Gather ’round our campfire out back, toast a few marshmallows (flavored or classic) and squish them between graham crackers (chocolate or plain) with an assortment of chocolates.  In other words, get gourmet with your s’mores.  It’s an afternoon thing here at The Ridge.


Roll up Maple Snow Candy
Friday-Sunday afternoons starting in January

Little House fans surely can appreciate the tradition of creating delish, sugary taffy simply with snow and warm maple syrup.  Channel your inner Laura Ingalls and roll up some maple snow candy, an experience led by Crafted Americana’s culinary crew.



Bring on the Bubbly
Nightly at Sunset starting in January

As the sun sets, Ice Castles lights up. At The Ridge, that’s cause for a nightly Champagne toast.  Come, raise a glass of bubbly and hail the winter season.





A Winter’s Prost in The Biergarten
Friday-Sunday starting in January

Next door to Crafted Americana you’ll find a rustic Biergarten serving juicy brats, Bavarian pretzels the size of your head, loaded potato cakes, a traditional charcuterie board, and naturally, boots of German bier.  Meet new friends at our haus while clanking your glass (from the bottom, of course) and seated at our cozy Bavarian beer tables and benches.  >> Learn More



Ice Skating for the Family
Open Daily starting in January | weather permitting

Bring your own skates or rent from our Front Desk, then slip-slide away on our fully-lit outdoor ice rink. surrounded by with fire pits and heaters for the landlubbers. Open to hotel guests and the public.